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The Liquor Vicar

Vince R. Ditrich

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“Vince has such a way with words. They slap you every now and again. I felt like I was there with Vicar, shoveling life into my head like it was my last day on the planet.” — JANN ARDEN, author of Feeding My Mother

“The Liquor Vicar is like a weekend I have always wanted to have. Filled with fun, crazy people on an adventure that no one could imagine.”

— ALAN DOYLE, author of A Newfoundlander in Canada

Meet Tony Vicar: failed rockstar-turned-DJ, small-town curmudgeon, and … miracle worker?

Reduced to DJ-ing rural weddings, Tony Vicar feels the bite of failure. A frustrated and failed musician, unable to discern why he has not rocketed to stardom, his only defence is to see the world through the lens of gallows humour, absurdism, and black comedy. At his lowest moment he meets Jacquie O., a former exotic dancer, and they begin a strange and unlikely courtship.

When the pair come across a fatal car accident, Vicar gives aid to the sole survivor, who’s barely clinging to life. His nearly miraculous ministrations succeed, and his actions become big news. But what Vicar calls luck is seen as something more magical by everyone else. He rockets from complete unknown to massive celebrity to legend, all in a matter of months. Along the way he attracts the attention of Serena, the most dangerous siren he could ever imagine. She makes an outrageous play to separate Vicar from Jacquie O. and take him for her own.

In this rollicking farce, Tony Vicar will finally have to face the consequences of his life-long dream of celebrity, and the unforeseen danger to life and love that it brings.