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The Evolution Angel

Todd Michael

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I asked him, “Are you the angel of death? You must be to keep showing up at these times.”
He paused and said, “Let’s just say you can think of me as an ‘Evolution Angel.’”
 Todd Michael was the medical director of a level-three trauma center when he had his own brush with death before being saved by the voice of an angel. In this collection of true stories from the emergency room, Dr. Michael relates his experiences with dying patients and angels that invariably attend this critical rite of passage. Eventually he began communicating with an angel who was sent to aid us in our human evolution.

                Evolution, as Dr. Michael describes it in
The Evolution Angel, is a “quantum leap, a jump to a completely new and higher level of being.” What exactly is that higher level of being, and how do we achieve it? The Evolution Angel provides fascinating lessons, wisdom, and insight into turning our human journey into one where we can not only communicate with the spirit world but also access this otherworldly wisdom in our lives at any moment.

                Inspirational, poignant, and wise,
The Evolution Angel is a guide for everyone who wants to learn about the purpose of our lives, how to live at the highest level, and what happens to the soul after we die.