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St. Francis of Assisi: His Life, Teachings, and Practice

Jon M. Sweeney

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An introduction to St. Francis's life and his most profound teachings of faith

St. Francis of Assisi is one of the most venerated Christian figures, and his profound teachings, deep love of nature, and commitment to simplicity have resonated with generations of followers.
St. Francis of Assisi, the latest title in the Essential Wisdom Library, offers a simple and universal introduction to Francis’s life, his key teachings, and the spiritual practices that enriched his faith and the lives of those who follow his legacy.

Author Jon M. Sweeney, one of the most popular Francis interpreters, introduces the iconic Christian as a man of his time and as one whose wisdom transcends eras. Beginning with a timeline of the saint’s life,
St. Francis of Assisiincludes the teachings that made Francis such a unique and powerful figure. His words apply to a diverse set of situations―from advice for people in positions of power, to teachings on gratitude, and the Rule of Life which governed every facet of life for Franciscans. The book concludes with explanations of some of his most powerful practices, which can offer wisdom and insight for our own lives.

St. Francis emphasized the importance of living a simple, truthful life, making his spiritual practices just as impactful and relevant in the modern day as they were centuries ago.
St. Francis of Assisi is the perfect guide for anyone looking to learn more about the saint or hoping to incorporate his wisdom into their own spiritual lives.

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