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Tarot And The Archetypal Journey

Sallie Nichols

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“Sallie Nichols’ superb classic retitled Tarot and the Archetypal Journey, with a new and fascinating introduction by Mary Greer, is an absolute must for all enthusiasts of tarot and Jung. It is full of rich, imaginative descriptions of Jungian archetypes and reveals their unique relationship to the tarot images. This book is a true journey of wisdom and wonder and I am delighted a new generation of readers will be able to enjoy and learn from it.” —Juliet Sharman-Burke, author of The Beginner’s Guide to the Tarot and The Mythic Tarot— - Juliet Sharman-Burke

“This book will help you use tarot as an interactive roadmap for your own archetypal journey.” —from the new foreword by Mary K. Greer, author of Tarot for Your Self and many other books on tarot

In this new edition of the classic work on Tarot and Jungian symbolism, Sallie Nichols demonstrates how to approach any Tarot deck via the archetypes and Jung's methods of word association, active imagination, and dialogue. Nichols explores symbolic meanings relevant to everyone and lessons regarding the human condition, psychological states, and attitudes that can lead to genuine personal insight.

Through analogies to the humanities, mythology, and the graphic arts, the significance of the cards is related to personal growth and what Jung termed "individuation." The Major Arcana becomes a map of life, and the hero's journey becomes something that each individual can relate to one's personal life.

First published nearly forty years ago as Jung and Tarot, this edition includes a new in-depth foreword by Mary K. Greer, one of today's most trusted Tarot authorities.

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