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Bad Guy

Rosalyn Drexler

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"First rate writing and first rate humor." —Gloria Steinem

The rediscovery of a scathing fiction by “one of the most vivacious, audacious, and crazy writers we have." - Norman Mailer

BAD GUY is the first selection in a new series from Pushcart under the editing of celebrated novelist Jonathan Lethem, winner of The National Book Critics Circle award for fiction.

In BAD GUY, Rosalyn Drexler probes the influence of media violence on a young murderer and the wacky attempt of therapist Dr. Mathilda Brody to understand and cure him. During a series of analytic sessions, Dr. Brody employs dream interpretation, psycho-drama and other less conventional techniques. Their relationship – and the crucial role played by the victim’s daughter – carries the story to its conclusion.

Compassionate, tender and often absurd, BAD GUY renders in warm human terms what is reported every day in cold print.